— Formerly known as Iris —

The definitive application for designers and artists to create beautiful color schemes

A single space to work with colors and unify multiple tools into a single one

Finally, someone took the time to create an actually useful color tool, vastly distinct from the 100's of palette picking clones online.

Any UI Designer or Product Designer should give this App a try, it's really affordable and if you are building out Design Systems for large product ecosystems, you are definitely going to need IRIX to design the color combinations in a meaningful way.”

— IRIX user


A full-featured color scheme editor

Create, edit, name and organize your color schemes.
Use an intuitive editor to fine-tune your colors.

Powerful color tools

A set of unique and flexible tools will help you in finding inspiration.

Start from an image, a random palette or a mix of colors.
Iterate over ideas and craft a perfect colors combination.

All in a single app.

Import & Export colors from/to different formats

Import colors from: Adobe products, PaintShop Pro, Sketch, GIMP and more.

Export to several formats:

  • text (numeric values, programming languages...),
  • file (Adobe, Procreate, Sketch...),
  • and images (PNGs, SVGs...).

Check all supported importing and exporting formats.


Shades & Tints

Explore tints and shades starting from a base color

Random palette

Running out of ideas? IRIX can automatically generate color schemes for you!

Contrast test

Check if the color picked for a text is easily readable against a particular background

... And more!

Drag and drop

Drag colors between tools and palettes to add, change or reorder them.

Color names

You can give each color a name, or leave the app to suggest one. Particularly useful when exporting them.

Advanced workspace editing

Duplicate and reorder color schemes and tools to personalize your workflow.

Color spaces

Most of the tools are designed to work with advanced color spaces like LinearRGB, HCL or LAB.



30-day trial

  • Try IRIX for free to make sure it fits your needs
  • No feature restrictions
  • No credit card needed



  • One-time payment
  • Indefinite access to all updates to IRIX 2.x
  • Single-user license
  • Max 3 devices
  • Price might change depending on your local currency
  • We are not able to offer refunds at the moment, sorry
  • Iris users can apply for a discount coupon.
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  • More info in the FAQs page
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